ICES® DigiCeutical® Certified Reconditioned A9 Model System

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Most Effect Portable PEMF device on the Market !   Genuine ICES(R) - PEMF

Certified manufacturer reconditioned  



These devices were returned for upgrade within 30 days for more advanced systems ( M1 model or C5 model ). They are 100% re-tested, perfectly operational. When you discover how much you love ICES-PEMF, you can keep or upgrade from this spectacularly low entry price.

A nurse/PhD interviews people who have used ICES for pain.  People discuss their experiences and reveal the major improvement to their lives by using ICES-PEMF for a wide range of pain conditions, which lasted from 2 months to 44 years.  

Doctoral Dissertation - Descriptive Exploratory Study of Individuals' Use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, the Micro-Pulse, for Pain Relief

Interviews on Micro-Pulse ICES-PEMF and Pain (Video)  

Micro-Pulse ICES – PMEF for Dental Pain (Video)

Pressure point technique for using ICES – PEMF (Video

ICES Technology Overview (Video)

ICES Tutorials  (Videos)

System includes:

  • Pulse Generator Model A9 (used)
  • One Coil  (with cosmetic flaws)
  • One 9V battery (not rechargeable)
  • One Coil Life Test Chip
  • 6 months manufacturer warranty for Pulse Generator (Warranty doesn’t cover coils, water damage or physical damage)

Why buy copies when you can have the genuine article?

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