ICES - PEMF Calculator



We often get asked the question:  How many different possible waveforms are there for PEMF or ICES?

The answer is: way more than you think.  But it depends on what you consider to be a legitimate waveform for PEMF or ICES


ICES - PEMF Calculator

We've put together a PEMF Calculator at this link for you to play with.

The link goes to an Excel spread sheet where you can play with the different possible waveforms and ranges for each parameter.

If you have a distaste for Excel, the spreadsheet also works using the Open Office spreadsheet which can be downloaded for FREE


So, how many possible PEMF - ICES protocols are there?  Well, Bob went ahead and entered the range of parameters in the calculator that he thinks is conservatively reasonable, to represent the range of values that people have considered, or that you might find in existing PEMF/ICES products. 

The result:  about one Quadrillion different possible PEMF - ICES waveform protocols.  One Quadrillion is the number in violet at the top of this page.


And yes, "Quadrillion" is a real number.  Unlike some numbers...


During the Gulf War, President George W. Bush was briefed that 3 Brazilian soldiers had been killed in combat the previous day.

With the furrowed brow of a deeply concerned leader, after a long pause the President replied, "That's just terrible.  How many is a Brazillion?"