BRAIN HEALTH - Cortical Metrics - Overview

Brain injury, more specifically mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and concussion, has emerged in the past decade as one of the most serious health concerns of our time.  Micro-Pulse LLC has teamed up with Cortical Metrics to develop radically new advanced technology, based on somatosensory testing, to achieve unprecedented insight into the health and injury of the human brain.  To achieve this, Micro-Pulse has developed a series of enabling technologies to move somatosensory research from the dark corners of academic research, onto center stage, to become the premier emerging technology for accurate, fast, portable, and inexpensive technology to test brain health and assess injury.
Cortical Metrics LLC and Micro-Pulse LLC are currently under contract to develop BrainGauge, a portable and durable version of Cortical Metrics technology for military use in forward battalion aid stations.  A low-cost, high-performance consumer version is also under development, with backing from General Electric and the NFL.  BrainGauge technology won Round I of the 2014 GE-NFL Head Health Challenge.


To discover research and collaborative opportunities using Cortical Metrics technology, contact Dr. Mark Tommerdahl
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