Wearables - Overview

Micro-Pulse LLC specializes in the core technology for affordable,ultra-portable, wearable, and energy efficient biomedical technology for the self-hacker and self-experimenter. 

Our ultra-portable, wearable technology includes the classic simple and inexpensive model A9, and the new, advanced, smaller and lighter model M1

Many of our customers like our products so much that they have developed convenient garments and accessories to make them more wearable.  We only provide the core ICES technology, but you might look to the videos and links below for more inspiration:


Tom Lowe shows a small wrist band to hold ICES in place on hands, feet, ankles, and arms:



A large waist band to hold ICES systems on the back, shoulder, or other places on the torso:



Using the same large wrap on the knee:



A cap with pockets sewn in to use the ICES systems on the head:



 Tom is making these as accessories, which can be purchased separately at www.pemfwrap.com.