ICES® DigiCeutical® B5 Model System

$ 1,599.00

Introducing the Model B5:  Video   PDF

C5 B5 A9 M1 comparison  PDF

B5 - C5 Care and Use video

ICES Model B5 - Basic Setup Instructions:  Video   PDF

A9 and B5 Comparison:  Video   PDF


Quick Start:  Video   PDF

B5 User Manual  PDF

System includes:

  • Pulse Generator Model B5
  • Long Coils or 2X2 Coil Arrays
  • One USB AC Wall adapter   USE ONLY 5.0 Volt USB POWER
  • One USB power cable   USE ONLY THIS CABLE, not a car adapter, etc.
  • One Coil Life Test Chip
  • 12 months manufacturer warranty for Pulse Generator (Warranty doesn't cover coils, water damage or physical damage, or incorrect power connection)

The Model B5 is a precision scientific instrument intended for experienced ICES users.  If you are unsure about the suitability of Micro-Pulse ICES technology for your needs, please consider buying a Model A9 instead of the B5.  Please read the TERMS of SALE and the B5-MUST READ documents.  These two documents take precedence over (1) any other documents or videos and (2) any interpretation of any other documents, videos, or other representations and (3) any other communications you may have had with Micro-Pulse LLC.

Before placing an order for the B5, you must agree to our Terms of Sale and the B5 MUST READ document.  Please email us at for instructions. 


The model B5 runs only on 5.0 Volt power
Use only the supplied power cable or approved equivalent.
DO NOT use a 12 Volt power adapter, car adapter, or any other power adapter
Use a USB charger cable only, plugged into a 5.0 Volt USB power port (not a computer)
If you apply the wrong voltage, you will destroy your B5, and this damage is not covered under warranty.

Terms of Sale  PDF

NOTE:  Each B5 is built-to-order and can not be returned after purchase. After the order is placed, it takes us a week to build and test the system.